James MackayFor 30 years James Mackay has produced cutting edge films for filmmakers such as Derek Jarman, John Maybury, Hannah Collins and Davide Pepe. Among which are the awardwinning feature films The Last of England (1988), The Garden (1990) and Blue (1993) by Jarman. More recently, he has produced Bernard Rudden’s Daybreak (2000) for FilmFour and produced music videos for The Smiths, Suede, Patti Smith and The Pet Shop Boys. The years 1981-1984 saw Mackay produce three notable video to cinema projects;
Jarman’s Imagining October and Ron Peck’s highly acclaimed What Can I Do With a Male Nude?, both shorts, along with Jarman’s feature The Angelic Conversation. In 1985, he produced Super Eight, a documentary about the history of Super 8mm filmmaking from home movie format to political and artistic tool for Channel Four Television, as well as developing Jarman’s Caravaggio for the British Film Institute. Mackay has recently completed Parallel a multi screen project with Turner Prize nominee Hannah Collins and is developing a new feature by Lynn Hershman-Leeson based on a novel by Kathy Acker.  over the past 5 years he has co-programmed the Microcinema event at the Cambridge Film Festival with Sarah Wood.